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Are those termites or ants?

Those flying ants outside your home may be termites. These insects look very similar to termites, but you can tell the difference by checking the size of the wings. Termites have two pairs of same-sized wings, while ants have a smaller set of lower wings. Straight Termite Antennae vs. Ants Elbowed Antennae . Termite have a thicker, less defined waist. Ants have very pronounced, pinched body parts.

Do you have an infestation?

Look for the following to determine if you have an infestation that should be treated:
  • Piles of wings that were shed by termites during the swarming cycle
  • Mud tubes around the outside or inside of your home
  • Hollow-sounding wood or obvious damage to wood or drywall
  • Mud spots on walls, ceilings, or window sills
  • Visible tunnels beneath paint or wallpaper.
Two Methods of Treatment:
1. Chemical Barrier
2. Baiting Systems
It is important to know the difference between termites and flying ants so you can determine if you may have a serious problem to address.

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