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Pests such as Rodents, bed bugs, beetles and roaches are never something you want to see crawling around your home. They can put our family at serious ricks of illness and diminish the integrity of your home's structure.
Our Pest control services are designed to protect your home and yard with regular, scheduled services. Monthly or quarterly services remove your unwanted guests and keep them away.
Not only are household pests a nuisance but can also pose serious problems to health. For example, cockroaches can trigger asthma attacks and spread salmonella. Rodents can carry viruses and their gnawing causes large numbers of house fires each year. Other insects including termites can compromise your property value if left unattended.
Northeast Exterminating has many years of experience in home pest control and also keeps up to date with latest innovations. We can help you with both prevention and treatment while providing superior service.

Exterior Plus

Show pests they aren't welcome
In order for insects and rodents to infest your home, they must first be able to get inside it. If you can create a barrier that discourages them from inviting themselves inside, you have a much better chance of keeping your home clean, healthy, and comfortable. Your home can be protected from even industrious insects and creative rodents with control services that focus on making a barrier around the exterior.
Our exterior treatment gets rid of troublesome pests fast for a long time after the treatment. That's because we use highly effective pest control products designed to eliminate many different pests. And there's never a bothersome odor for you, your family, or your pets.
Our exterior pest treatment provides control of numerous pests including:
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bedbug control | Northeast Exterminating LLC | Starkville, MS
Bed Bugs
flea control | Northeast Exterminating LLC | Starkville, MS
rodent control | Northeast Exterminating LLC | Starkville, MS
Roach Control | Northeast Exterminating LLC | Starkville, MS
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termite control | Northeast Exterminating LLC | Starkville, MS
Why should the outside of my home be treated for pests?
By treating the exterior of your home, pests can be stopped in their tracks before they ever get inside and invade your family's living space where they can potentially cause problems and even damage.
How long does a exterior pest treatment last?
The exterior pest treatment our company uses stops pests fast, while products other companies use can take days to control pests. It's difficult to give an exact length of time on how long a treatment will last because it often depends on your specific pest problem and geography. Renewal applications may be needed depending on the size of your problem, your climate and other factors.
What should I do to prepare for a exterior treatment?
One of the best things about exterior pest control is how easy it is on you. Unlike an indoor treatment where you're required to cover and move certain items, there is little preparation on your part prior to the technician making the treatment. Simply close the windows, and pick up any toys, tools, or garden hoses lying next to the house. Another plus: Since the exterior of your home is being treated, you don't have to be home for the technician to perform the treatment.
Where exactly does the exterior treatment take place?
The pest control product we use for exterior treatments is applied in a band of soil, mulch and lawn surrounding and adjacent to your home. It can also be applied directly on your home's foundation (depending on your individual situation) This area is where pests are usually found and can gain entrance into your home.
Will the treatment harm the grass, shrubberies or flowers around my home?
No. Even with direct contact, you never have to worry about the product we use harming the soil or lawn.
Should children and pets be kept away from the treated area?
Children and pets should be kept off the treated area until surfaces are dry.
Is there any odor with the treatment?
No. One of the many advantages of the product we use is that there's no bothersome
odor for your family and pets.
What if I have a problem inside?
Our technician will perform a thorough inspection (upon request) of the inside of your home, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, general living area, and around the exterior of your home.
Strategic placements of approved products will made in these potential pest harborage areas of your home.
Our technician will place pesticide free monitors in critical areas to monitor any pest invasion of the interior of your home before it becomes a problem.
Enjoy the simplicity of exterior pest prevention
Exterior pest prevention is one of the most convenient ways you can protect your home. You don't even have to be there during treatment, and the product will not harm your lawn.
We'll apply a wide band of pest preventative around the exterior of your home and all you have do is avoid disturbing the area until the product is dry.
Let us protect your family, your home and your business with thorough pest control services tailored to your schedule and your needs.

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