Rodent Control Services

Rodents - Rodents Control Services in Starkville, MS
Rats and Mice are known to carry over 35 diseases and their droppings and urine contaminate the areas they travel. Their natural urge to chew can damage your home's electrical wiring, and cause house fires. Let us rid your home of the existing rodents and prescribe a treatment schedule to proactively protect your home or business from rodents.

Do you have Moles or Voles?

Properly identifying the target pest is essential for controlling them. Moles are insectivores (they eat insects) and Voles are herbivores ( eating only vegetation).
Moles can cause extensive damage to lawns by their burrowing, and Voles can kill flowers and shrubbery by feeding on the roots and bark. We have the knowledge and the tools necessary to control either.
Rodents - Rodents Control Services in Starkville, MS