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Ants - Ant Control Services in Starkville, MS
Indoors or Outdoors, Ants can be a nuisance, a health risk, and can potentially damage your property. There are a wide variety of ants in our area, and proper control begins with proper identification of the ant species. Ant's preferred diet and behavior vary widely based on their species, so there is no “ single solution.” We individually tailor our control program based on your property and the target pest.

Some ants prefer to feed on sugars, some prefer to feed on proteins, and still other's diet's change based on the time of year. Some ants damage wood by digging it out to provide shelter (Carpenter Ants) and some can damage electrical circuits in Air Conditioning Units and other electronic devices (Argentine Ants). Fire Ants can inflict a painful bite, and can pose a potentially life threatening risk to young, old or allergic individuals.

We have the knowledge and experience to effectively and safely meet your needs.
Fire Ant Control
The fire ant typically nests in soil and builds earthen mounds.

Our Fire Ant control program can quickly kill fire ants and delay their return.
Perfectly safe for your family and pets.

Fire ants deliver a nasty sting. They affect humans, pets, livestock and wildlife.
They can cause death.
Ant Types - Ant Control Services in Starkville, MS