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Pests are an unpleasant discovery in any home or business. Not only are they unnerving, they can also put the health of your family and pets at risk. Create a healthier and more comfortable space with effective perimeter and interior pest control.

Customer service is a family tradition.
Northeast Exterminating is a third generation family owned business. Large enough to meet any pest control challenge, yet small enough to be individually concerned about each and every customer. Since 1951 We've said, "If it Crawls...Call..."
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Choosing a Pest Control Company

Ants, spiders, roaches, mice, mosquitoes, Termites or any other pests belong outside, not in your home.
Everyone has problems with pests occasionally. Sometimes the solutions are simple, such as improving sanitation, cutting grass, trimming shrubs, removing trash, sealing areas of pest access or reducing standing water.
Left untreated, an invasion can become unmanageable. It may even threaten the structure of your home or the health of your family.

Self Help or Do It Yourself or Why you Need A Pest Control Company

Professional Pest Control Operators often have knowledge and experience that the general public doesn't have. This allows them to positively identify pests and quickly understand the pest's habits and behavior, and know which type of treatment is most effective against that specific pest.

If used incorrectly, many pesticides can be dangerous, threatening the Health and Safety of your Family and Pets. If the wrong products are used, or if they are used incorrectly or if you don't have the proper application equipment, they may also be ineffective to control the pest and protect your family and property.

Many pesticides are restricted use pesticides, meaning that only licensed professionals may purchase or use those products. There are State and Federal laws regulating the purchase and use of pesticides. The products used by Professional Pest Control Operators are not the same as those chemicals that you can buy at the local hardware store.

The right pest control company can handle your situation quickly, efficiently and Safely. Here are some tips to help in your search for a reputable and professional company in your area.

Research the Company's Reputation.
Your first step is to research the companies in your area that provide the services you need. Research each company's background and reputation, looking at the experience and long term stability of the company. Look on the Internet, in a phone book and even the advertising section of your local newspaper.
The Mississippi Department of Agriculture's, Bureau of Plant Industry is the governmental body that regulates pest control companies. There are State regulations requiring licensing, bonding and insurance for pest control companies. Check for any disciplinary or enforcement actions against the companies. Contact the Better Business Bureau by phone or email. Ask if the companies have any complaints filed against them. Find out if the company is a member of any professional pest control associations or organizations. Ask friends, family and businesses in the area who they use.

Types of Services
Contact the companies directly. Ask them what kind of services they provide. Does the company provide environmentally friendly and effective pest solutions for situations involving pets and children.
Ask if they provide a full range of services, like if they provide interior and exterior services.
Does the company practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management ) which involves inspecting the property, monitoring and identifying pests, treating the pest, as well as making or recommending physical changes to limit current or future pests?
Do they offer baiting or physical controls as well as chemical services?
What types of guarantee does the company provide to stand behind their work?

Now, ask the service providers for more detailed information about prices. People often spend as much or more money on do it yourself products, than the amount for which you could hire a professional.
The company you choose should do a free, full inspection of the property and quote prices before providing services.
Listen to their sales pitch and ask questions. Reliable, reputable business should always answer your questions honestly.
Don't confuse price and value. The cheapest is not always the best value.
Finally, trust your instincts. If the workers seem inexperienced, or you don't trust their information, or the pitch seems too high pressured, look elsewhere.

A quality pest control company will not only help you with your current situation, it will also help prevent future flare-ups. You can take comfort in knowing that a trained professional is taking care of your family and property.